I am from a BIG family that seems to get bigger all the time.

I Have my Mom and Dad who i am very close with both of them..

Mom~ Me and my mom are close. BEST FRIENDS I know i can tell her anything, and i always do. I always remeber though shes my mom first and friend second. I think thats why we are so close..

Dad~ My dad and i are so close.. It seems like when noone else believes in me, he always does.

I have 2 blood brothers Adam and Zach.

Adam~ He can be the most stubborn person ever but i love him more than anything. He is honestly one of my best friends. I can tell him anything and know that he will tell me exactly how it is. Even if it hurts, but i am so thankful for that.

Zach~ My baby brother. Eventhough hes 16 and not a baby anymore he is to me. My relationship with him is great. He is always there for me to talk to and be open with, and he can be open with me.

My mom got re-married in 1998 to a wonderful guy named Jim. With jim came another Brother and Sister :)

Jim~ Eventhough we have our fights i do love him alot and am so thankful that he is a part of my life. We have a great relationship that im so greatful for..

Jenny~ my older sis. We were friends before our parents got married. I remeber when i stayed over at the house and our parents just started dating and we use to pretend that our parents would get married and we could be sisters. Our wish came to and i got my older sis. Eventhough i dont see her very often i love her so much and so glad to have her as my older sis.

Jimmy boy~ another little bro. He is so talented and well rounded i couldnt ask for a better step brother. he act, sing, very family oriented and very polite. I am so thanksful that he is in my life:)

My dad found a wonderful lady in 1994. Eventhough they didnt work out romatically they are still best friends and she is still always gonna ba a step-mom to me. She is a very amazing person inside and out.

Randi~ Kats daughter, my sister. Since we met we have always been so close. She is such a great older sistr and role model.

Larry~ Randi's husband. I have known Larry as long as i have known Randy. He is a big brother to me. I look up to him and randi in so many ways i love them so very much..

Bill~ Kats son. A great guy inside and out. He has 2 great kids Matt and Stepanie. I love them very much.

~My moms side of my family~.

My Grandma and Grandpa Peterson~ Its hard for me to put into words how i feel about them. I am such a grandma and grandpa girl its not even funny. They are a big part of who i am today :) i remeber whe i use to go spend my summers with them id wake up early with my grandma make breakfeast with her then sit down next to my pap and eat it with him. I look up to my grandma nad pap so much. I can only hope to find someone and when i am there age be as happy as they are and be at least 1/2 of a person that my grandma and grandpa are.

Papa John and Grndma Barb~ Eventhough i dont have many memeories of you 2 in my younger ages, the ones that i have since i have known you two are great and i will never forget you two i lvoe you both so much and i am glad i got the chance to meet u guys:)

My Aunt Debbie~ my best friend.. Ever since i was born it has always been debbie and heather. She is the one person in life that i look up to in every way. She is my idol. I love her more than i can ever say. Im so glad for her.

My Uncle Chris~ I am so glad that my Aunt Debbie found you.. you guys are so perfect for each other. I love you so much and so glad to have you as my uncle:) I love you toco salad and next time im out there i want some k:)

Danny- I remeber the first day that your mom came back to maryland and i got to see u. Even though i wasnt there when you were born I wanted to i was the very first person in maryland to hold you even before grandma and pap. I fought them and won:) I was there from that day on for you. Eventhough im 3000 miles away. i will always be your Cousin Mama:)

Cierra~ I really dont know you as much as the rest of the family cuz your still young and ive been out in CA since before you were born. I still lov eyou more than life. Compared to everyone else youare my mini me. and i am so honored to have you be. I love you very much. (eventhough your try to take away my grandpa) I still love you and will always be here for you:)

Uncle Mike Aunt Ivy~ I love you both uncondtionaly. You two are so perfect for eacother and great parents to little Matthew Joesph. Remember that this babysitter is always here if you ever need me:)

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Richard~ I love you guys so much. I am so proud of you Maggie for always going for your dreams and not letting anyone get in the way. Uncle Richard the best guitar player ever and who i am proud to ahe as my uncle.

Rocky Denver and Megan~ You three are three amazing kids tha have so much goin for you guys i wish you three nothin but happiness i love you much:) If you ever need anything your big cuz is always here for you:)

Aunt Linda and Uncle Glen~ Glenn eventhough i really dont know you, you make my aunt happy and thats all that matters to me. Linda i am so glad that your finally happy with Glenn. I love you so much and i am so thankful for all the many things you have done for me.

Jessica Josh and Shane~ you guys are great cousins and i am so glad to have all three of you in my life. You guys have grown up to be 3 people that i am so proud of.

Aunt Gale and Uncle Clair~ I love you guys so much. You guys seem to always be there for all the important events in mylife from my abptism to my graduation. Thanks so much

Brian, David, Emily, Daniel, Bryce I love you guys so much. I know we never really hung out i sitll love you guys and so glad to be a part of your life:)

~My Dads Side~

Nana (Pat), Steve ( her boyfriend)~ For some reason i hear you guys dont think i care about you or love youa nd i do so much. You guys are such great people and so glad to ahev you as my grandparents:) U always made sure i always was happy and got what i wanted even a car:)

Papa York~ No matter what you seem to never forget a birthday or an occasion. You are always there when i need you even though i havent seen you in a while. I love you so much and glad to haev a papa like u:)

Anita and Mike~ Mike i dont know you but i do know u make my aunt so happy and im so glad for that:) Anita im so glad that you are happy. U are sich a great aunt and person i love u:)

Tina~ I love you so much:)

Jenna~ my fav. Cousin it seems like no matter what its always me and you babe. You are not only a great cousin but an awsome friend. You are perfect in my eyes how u are now dont ever change:) You are my closet cousin and that will never change. I love you jenna:)

Aubery~joie~ Wow you have grown up to be a beatiful young lady. I am so proud of you! I love you so much:) Remeber you always have a cousin here that beieves in you always follow your dreams:)

Sharay~My lil cuz. I remeber visting you and you not wanting ot go to class cuz you wanted to be with me, i love you so much and i will always be here for you when u need me all u ahve ot do is call or e-mail me:)

Gabby~ I remeber when you were born. And know look at you you are an amazing beatiful little girl. I lov eyou so much and like i told sharay i will always be here for you to turn to:)

I am sooo blessed to have such a great realtionship with my family. I love each one so much and I will always be there for all of them:)

But the one who means the most to all of us both sides of my family is my Uncle Noah Dean York. He was a good man With a good Heart. He is No longer With us Physically wise but we all can feel his spirt with us everyday. We Love and Miss You SO Much Noah.

I Will Remember You --- Sarah Mclaghin

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